What is iScan?

iScan is an advanced presentation system for furnishing products and building materials. By simply scanning the barcode of one specific material, iScan will show how this product will look like when applied.iScan keeps the hardware requirement to the bare minimum. All you need to run iScan is: a Windows PC with iScan installed, a screen to display the result on, either an ordinary computer monitor or a projector, your product catalogue with barcodes and a barcode scanner,

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The Benefits of using iScan

  • iScan offers your customers an interactive and hands-on experience
  • Better product matching, better product comparison
  • Photo-realistic lighting and rendering
  • Instant display
  • Low investment. All it requires are a Windows PC running iScan and a barcode scanner
  • Easy to operate
  • Gives your showroom a professional look
  • Makes your brand different.