What is InteriCAD 8000?

InteriCAD 8000 is a professional business solution for interior architecture and furnishing industries. With the latest cutting-edge technology, the software delivers a truly fast, impressive and accurate outcome which definitely able to shorten the sales cycle and ultimately boost a business.

For Whom?

  • Interior Designer & Consultant; Design Company / Studio
  • Interior Architect; Architect
  • Builder; Contractor; Carpenter; Decorator
  • Furniture / Building Materials / Kitchen & Cabinet Manufacturers and Showrooms


  • Powerful design functions to increase work efficiency.
  • Clear and concise presentation of design idea.
  • Instant revision to enhance communication with clients.
  • Various delicate libraries to optimize design works.
  • InteriCAD 8000 need AutoCAD as a Plugin for Modelling.

New Features

Online Library

Users can now access a greater pool of sources with the unlimited access to 3D models from major trade brands in the local and international industry.

Flat Panel Design

Users can enjoy the flexibility on modifying any panels and doors with parameter setting for more creative designs.

Kitchen Cabinet Design

With the new added build in modular system library for cabinet design, users can easily finalize various kitchen design, cabinet and worktop details.

Presentation on iScan Solution

Users can now output their design into iScan to present their design proposal in a more innovative and interactive way.

Business On The Go

The design created in InteriCAD is able to be presented 360° on mobile devices! You are free to display your work on iPad and tap to show every details of your design.