Modelling Design

With a comprehensive collection of parametric elements, such as doors, windows, ceilings, floor and elevation, InteriCAD T6 can create room structure in an easy and fast way

modelling interior design

Smart Conversion from 2D to 3D

Tool of interior design which can let you finish room structure in several minutes. present the preliminary design to clients and improve closing rate. Convert to 3D and start Radiosity and present your design.

1.Insert Floor Plan

interior design t6

2.2D Floor plan finished in 5 minutes.

interior design floor plan

3.Layout the Furniture.

interior design convering image

4.Add Ceiling block.

interior design  flooring plan/>
 	<h4>5.Complete the 2D floor plan.</h4>
     <img src=

6.Convert to 3D.

interior design convert to 3d

7.Edit Light Setting.

ingterior design light settings'

8.Edit Texture and Color.

interior design texture and color

9.Start radiosity and output the renderings.

interior design flooring floorplan

3D virtual Reality

Benefited from one of the most advanced and intelligent rendering engines in the world, InteriCAD T6 allows users to carry out further editing on object, material, lighting in virtual reality, before delivering a photo realistic outcome.

Real-time Setting.

3dvirtual reality

Material setting

3dvirtual reality